Tuesday, September 2, 2008

pj play date

Theses adorable little faces probably look familiar to you if you read my last post. A week ago today we had another fun play date with Ada, Reed, and Jackson. Our plans for an afternoon at the pool were ruined by rain from hurricane Fay, but we still managed to have a great time. Brittany invited us all over to her house on one condition... we all wear pajamas! The kids all had fun together while the mommies munched on yummy cookies (thanks Jessica) and cheesecake bites (thanks Ashley)! It was such a nice, relaxing, and fun afternoon together on such a lazy, rainy day.

Who needs toys when you've got Jackson in his car seat? The older three were enthralled by him!Anna Kate and Reed
Miss Ada
Anna Kate and Reed thought it was funny to "escape" to the kitchen and kiss their reflections in the oven.
Three little monkeys jumping on the bed...
We had a great time guys! Sorry about all the graham cracker and teething biscuit crumbs Brittany! Oh... and the hand and mouth prints and smudges on the oven!


Brittany said...

great post/great pics! I love the kisses left on the stove door. Since they are from two of my favorite kiddos I think I might keep them :) No worries about the new look for the carpet. I am just glad I now know how to prepare the house for baby proofing and such since I got to witness A.K. and Reed!

Jessica said...

Cute, cute! I love the car seat picture. They sure did love that!