Monday, March 31, 2008

Cousin Addie spent the day with us last Tuesday. I kept Addie a couple days a week last summer while I was pregnant, but have not had the joy of spending a whole day with her at my house since Anna Kate came along. We three gals had so much fun! Addie was such a big help with Anna Kate! She helped me feed her, listened very intently to the monitor while she was taking a nap, and entertained her in the backseat of the car. Since the day we told Addie that Anna Kate was in my stomach, she has said that she is Anna Kate's "big sister." She still will not budge on that fact. In just a short few months Addie will really be a big sister! My sister-in-law Brooke is expecting again in July! We can't wait to meet little Michael! Addie you are welcome to come back and play any time! We love you!

Monday, March 24, 2008


Anna Kate's first Easter started with an early breakfast at Ya Ya and Granddad's house (along with most all of Chris' side of the family). From there we headed to church. After that off to Granna and Granddaddy's for a scrumptious Easter lunch. Our little girl looked so precious in her Easter dress! When she got her Easter basket she was more interested in biting the handle than what was in it. :)

Here is Anna Kate's photo shoot on the beach. She was absolutely perfect. Just a little natural on the beach!

beach bums

We were able to spend the afternoon of Chris' birthday hanging out at the beach. The three of us had such a good time. Anna Kate loves the beach already! I guess it is in her blood. We spent the afternoon flying a kite, talking, walking the beach, and just laying around. It was a great afternoon!

Daddy got to Pensacola just in time to celebrate his birthday with us. Anna Kate picked out Elmo hats just for him!
Helping daddy blow out his candles.
A special picture for his office.
At one of our favorite restaurants in Pensacola (McGuire's Irish Pub) it is tradition to write a special message on a dollar bill and staple it up somewhere. This is the bill we wrote for Chris on his birthday.
Notice all the dollar bills! It is a HUGE restaurant, and the whole place is covered!

Anna Kate had a blast in Pensacola with her great-grandparents! She really took to them so well, and had so much fun playing with them!
This is Grandpapa Brown. Anna Kate really loved the silly faces and noises he made while playing with her!

This is Grandmama Brown. Anna Kate was obsessed with pulling her glasses off and really listed when she told her stories about when mommy was little.

This is Great-Granddaddy Strickland. He could always get a smile out of Anna Kate and she loved scooting under their glass coffee table!This is Great-Grandmother Strickland. Anna Kate had lots of fun rolling her purple ball back and forth with her and was very content sitting in her lap!

When we got back to Chattanooga, Chris' grandmother was here for the weekend. We were so glad that Anna Kate finally got to meet her!

auntie pam

We are so glad that my aunt (Anna Kate's great-aunt) was able to visit in Pensacola at the same time! Anna Kate had so much fun spending time with her!

Anna Kate really enjoyed her "extra" time with Granna and Granddaddy on our trip to Pensacola!


A little over a week ago (before our trip) I got Anna Kate some new "spring" shoes. I would have to say she is a bit obsessed with them! Every time she has them on she is always trying to either get them in her mouth or get them off to play with them. She has also shown a great interest in purses and jewelry (not hers of course). Such a "girly girl" already!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

With the orders from the doctor, we could not wait to see Anna Kate eat her first veggies. So we took a trip to Wal-Mart to load up on some baby food! We decided to go mostly the organic route to cut down on some of the chemicals, additives, and preservatives. I am not going to be completely extreme in the organic thing, but why not feed your baby the most healthy thing you can find? I am also excited about trying to make a few baby foods myself. It's a whole new world when they start eating solids!
Her first vegetables were carrots. We chose this because my mom told me that carrots were my first! Anna Kate really enjoyed them! She made one cute face on the first bite, but after that she ate them like a pro! We followed the carrots with some pears for desert.