Sunday, June 28, 2009

I am so far behind on blogging at this point, that I could not even begin to go into the normal detail of my posts. This may be the BIGGEST catch up blog ever! Have fun looking at all the pictures!

Our niece Addie had quite a few "end of the year" activities that we attended. Here is a photo after her play. She was a raccoon on Noah's Ark. Anna Kate was not quite sure about her cousin's transformation. :)We have had really busy schedules this month! This is on the way home from daddy's late softball game.
Addie's K-4 graduation! Isn't she pretty? Her headband was courtesy of Sweet Chocolate Swirls!

After Addie graduation we went to Heritage Park to play!

Liam almost walking!

Happy birthday "Jacks"! We celebrated little Jackson's 1st birthday on June 6th. The party was perfectly planned and went off without a hitch! Anna Kate loves her little friend "Jacks." AK and her tucked out buddy, Reed
little Molly
We've been attempting pigtails every once in a while! It is still a bit of a stretch, but cute!
To this day, Anna Kate talks about Jackson being a "mess" at his "birtday."

a better shot of the pigtails
AK and Ada cooling off with ice!
The next weekend my mom's very best friend from childhood came to visit. Mom and dad booked their other friends' AMAZING cabin/property in Soddy Daisy. Chris, Anna Kate, and I spent Friday evening there and had a blast riding in the golf cart, catching "light bugs", and cooking s'mores.
the beautiful property
Brenda and Allen taking a stroll
a series of "light bug" pictures (the lighting was terrible, therefore the quality of the pics not so great) If you look carefully, sometimes you can see the fireflies. She LOVE this! Dad got a video that I hope to be posting soon.

talking to Brenda
fireside with Granna and Brenda
amazed by the fire
telling Granddaddy about the fire
The next morning, Anna Kate and I completed our first 5-K! Don't be too impressed... we walked! We had a fun with our friends! Ashley, Jackson, Jessica, Reed, and Molly walked along with us!

The next day, Jessica invited us to spend the evening with them on the lake at her parent's house. We had a great time! What a beautiful place!
AK and mommy going for a swim. :)
This picture is for all the women in my family freaking out about right now that I had my daughter in/near a lake. The kiddos were well restrained in very safe, toddler approved life jackets and had very cautious mommies and daddies by their side every second.
Miss Molly taking a lazy Sunday afternoon nap.

Daddy brought his fishing pole! :)
The gang.
so funny! Jessica caught this happy little funny face.

Happy #1 to Liam! Time flies and I can't believe my little nephew is one! I have enjoyed watching him grow so much! He is so fun to be around and always makes me laugh!
sharing his cake with his cousin
with bib sis, Addie
sweet smile
playing with his "rocket" from Ya Ya and Granddad
it was Aunt Brooke's birthday too! I love the look on her kids' faces in this one.
Last Friday I kept Addie and Liam for the day! We had a blast at the Creative Discovery Museum! AK adores her cousins!

playing at the Curious George exhibit
she always wants to hug and kiss this George

We found the "real" George! Anna Kate and Liam were scared of him, but Addie wanted a picture with him!
Ashley and Jackson met us for lunch and then we went back to the museum for more play time! Liam and Jackson are about two weeks apart in age. They had fun playing together!
Another birthday??? Yep... this weekend we celebrated Addie's birthday (which is really not until July 4th). Fun for all at a gymnastic center here in town. Addie and her friends and family definitely burnt off some energy jumping and running around!
addie being bounce on the trampoline

Anna Kate and Liam rolling down the wedge (or slide as AK called it)

flying high!
jumping with daddy

what's this mommy?

running on the inflatable "runway"
getting tired

giving it up? :)
happy birthday to you!

FIVE candles... this little girl is growing up!
AK enjoyed her chocolate cupcake! Mommy on the other hand was not so happy about it.

Talking to Addie before we left.
That concludes the picture half of catching up! Hopefully videos to come soon! And HOPEFULLY in will keep up week to week from here on out!