Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sunday, April 27, 2008

"long" hair

Over the last couple weeks it seems like all our friends and family have had one thing to say to Anna Kate... "Your hair is getting so LONG!" Well if you have ever seen my baby, you will know why this cracks me up so much! Her hair is visibly growing though. Before she was born I want to Strasburg and bought about eight bows. Guess I jinxed myself. I've of course not been able to use them yet. Yes... I am very anxious to put cutsie little bows in her hair! On the other hand, I've gotten so used to my beautiful bald baby! Hair is going to change her looks so much. Either way though, I think the "long hair" comments will continue to crack me up for awhile.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Well... I can not say we had a "good" weekend. We pretty much stayed home all weekend because my two favorite people were not feeling well. Chris is battling really bad allergies and swollen glands, and little Anna Kate is teething! So, Saturday I spent cleaning the house in the breaks I had from taking care of Anna Kate. It is so sad... she is in SO much pain! Her usual bubbly personality is on hiatus and a crying, whining , and screaming child has taken over! How can one little tooth cause so much pain? She has pretty much demanded constant attention. My days have been spent trying anything to make her happy and get her mind off the pain. We read books, played in the floor with plastic bowls, took about 4 baths (just to play), took walks outside, played in her swing, danced, and I even resorted to watching Baby Einstein. I am definitely not an advocate of using the TV for a pacifier, but desperate times call for desperate measures! She loves the farm dvd, and it got me about 15 mins. of sanity!

Thursday we got to go spend time with my friend Ali and little Wil. Although he slept the whole time (imagine that... he is a week old) and Anna Kate was a bit cranky, it was a great visit. How can you not be happy while holding a sweet little newborn? We also had a blast playing with their Yorkie Maggie! Anna Kate loves her!

We have been having such fabulous weather here in Chatt-town. Wednesday was no exception. Anna Kate and I were tickled to get to spend some time with our buds Brittany and Ada at Coolidge Park. Much to my dismay... I found that my camera battery was dead when I got there! I know, I know... me with out my camera?!? Luckily Brittany is just as crazy with picture taking as I am, so I swiped some of her pictures!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yesterday we met up with my sweet friend Kimberly and her two children for a picnic at Chickamauga battlefield. I've know Kimberly since I was in 6th grade and she was in 5th. That is like 15 years! Crazy! I often refer to her as "superwoman." She is really amazing. She is a mother to six (yes I said six) children. Her husband brought 3 children into their marriage, they have a two year old little girl, a 9 month old little boy, and another baby due in October! She is an amazing mother. When I start griping about how much I have to do with one child, I often stop and think about her. It is very humbling. We had a great time with Kimberly, Gracie, and Ty. Gracie is such a "little mommy" and just loves Anna Kate. She affectionately refers to her as "Anna Cake." So cute! I think Anna Kate was quite taken with Ty. She has never had anyone that close in age to play with. They were so cute together! We even shared the field with six deer! It was very relaxing time and great to catch up with my friend!

Saturday was such a beautiful day! We could not resist going downtown for a walk. We stopped by the waterfront to soak in some of the beautiful weather and let Anna Kate play in the grass.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

seven months

Ok, so I am a few days late... Anna Kate has reached the seven month mark! Wow! She is really starting to act like a little girl now and not a baby. The most noticeable change is that when you put her down on the floor, she does not stay in the same place very long! She is trying her very hardest to crawl, but her preferred way of getting around is rolling! She can roll across the room in mere seconds! She sits up like a champ now, and actually entertains herself with toys. She is is still very obsessed with her feet and her shoes, and I may have a thumb sucker on my hands! She turns her palm up when she sucks on her thumb. I never thought I wanted her to suck her thumb, but it is so stinkin' cute how she does it! She is now quite a social butterfly, and does very well being held by people other than me and Chris (finally)! She is developing a cute since of humor, and actually tries to make us laugh! Everyone who has seen her in the past few weeks has commented on how much she is changing! She is an absolute joy in our lives.

(trying to crawl)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

welcome wil

Yesterday we had the pleasure of helping welcome baby Wilson Davis into the world. Wil is the brand new son of our very special friends, Ali and James. Ali, James and I have been friends since 7th grade, and we all became friends with Chris when he started Boyd Buchanan in the 9th grade. Ali called me the day after we got home from the hospital with Anna Kate to tell me that she was pregnant. We have always shared a special bond that I hope will be passed down to our kids! After all... Wil is Anna Kate's boyfriend. :) Anna Kate loved looking at him through the nursery window. She patted the glass with her hands and was completely enthralled with him. She even cried when I took her away! We sat in the hospital room planning play dates, carpooling to school, prom, and of course the wedding. :) We are so excited that Wil is here! He is a very shocking 9lbs and 15oz. (he is supposedly 4 weeks early)! He is super cute (you just can't help but pinch those cheeks!) and ready for some football cleats already! We can't wait to watch these two grow up together! Welcome to the world Wil!

This is a picture from Ali and James' wedding. It is hard to believe that this was taken only about a year and a half ago, and now we both have babies!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Those of you who read Brittany's blog have already been introduced to the wonderful work of Tobi Weldon and her beautiful business Ivey Handcrafted. I was first introduced to Tobi's work while visiting little Ada at the hospital. She was wearing a precious onesie with her name on it, and I just had to know where Brittany got it.
Well... Anna Kate is quite the little hair twirler. When she gets sleepy she latches on to my hair and sometimes gets upset when I lay her down in her crib and she has to let go. That got me started looking for a little blanket for her that had "hair-like" fringe on it. The only ones I could find looked like they were straight off of a 93 year-old's wing back chair. I was determined to find something cute for my daughter to carry around. Then it hit me... I wondered if Tobi would be interested in helping me. She enthusiastically agreed. All I really told her was that I wanted a small security blanket with Anna Kate's name on it, two sides with fringe, two sides with "taggies." She created something cuter than I ever expected! I could not be happier with her work. She is so talented and such a sweetheart of a person, too! Thank you Tobi for our most favorite blankie ever!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Yesterday, April 2nd, was our 3rd wedding anniversary. A lot has changed in our lives in 3 years! Our love continues to grow and grow! I love the our life and our family!