Tuesday, September 30, 2008

our weekend

With the weather finally cooling off a bit (that is not being in the 90's) our family spent quite a bit of time enjoying the outdoors this weekend.
Friday evening after dinner at Southern Star, the three of us went down to the the riverfront. Anna Kate had a blast just running (yes, and I mean running) around and enjoying the fresh air.Walking in her cute new "big girl" shoes. Thanks Aunt Pam!
Playing with daddy.
We had a fun day Saturday at the county fair with Jimmy, Brittany, and Ada. Ada and Anna Kate kicked back in the wagon and took in all the sights and sounds. It was Ada's first ride in the wagon and she did wonderfully! Anna Kate certainly enjoyed her company.
Between all four parents, we got asked at least 15 times if they were twins... they do favor each other, but there is a good five months between them! What was really funny was when we told people that there was five months between them, then they asked if they were sisters... do the math on that one.
Don't think she liked this little fella!
The calf on the other hand, she LOVED! She stood there for so long calling it "Bella."
That is some pumpkin! It weighed over 260 pounds!
Here are our favorite animals of the day, Victor and Lily! These two cuties belong to Brittany's niece and nephew. Their family says that these goats are better than having dogs. Brittany told us that they even take them hiking without leashes!
About a year ago, Brittany and I went to see the new Charlotte's Web movie. For about a month afterward we jokingly begged Jimmy and Chris for a baby pig! Wilber!
Even though Chris was fast to remind me that this little cutie was related to camels, I thought he was so cute!
Towards the end of the trip, I guess Ada and Anna Kate got bored. We looked own to find this... They stealthily pulled the wipe box from Ada's diaper bag and removed every single wipe! At least they were sharing! Anna Kate has a "busted" look on her face.
Our ride back to the other side of town.
Sunday afternoon we were thrilled to find out that the Hyperflite frisbee dog competition was being held at our local baseball field. Bella is a novice frisbee dog, and we would love to get her into some formal training and competition. We had fun watching the dogs compete!
Watching intently...

We take Anna Kate out almost every evening to watch Bella play frisbee with Chris. She gigles and claps for Bella when she jumps to catch the frisbee. She did the same for the dogs here!
Our favorite disc dog... I will have to work on getting some shots of her in action.


Brittany said...

What a fun filled weekend! I love A.K.'s little brown dress. So very cute. We had a great time at the County Fair. Maybe I am partial, but I think our "twin" girls were one of the main attractions.

I really thought the first dog shot was Bella. I would not have been surprised one bit if you had told me it was. The girl has talent after all. Daisy, not so much :)