Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009

A couple of weeks ago Anna Kate came down with a cold. Just your run of the mill cold, little bit of a runny nose and a bothersome cough from drainage. No fever, so I was not overly concerned. On Wednesday of that week, she started throwing up. We had been around some friends right before they came down with a stomach virus, so I thought she was having really bad luck. A cold and a stomach virus. Poor baby, but still NO fever. The next day she was puny, but not anything more than what would be expected from a stomach virus. By Friday, I thought she had an ear infection. After blowing her little nose, she grabbed he ear and stated crying. So I took her to the doctor, and the nurse out of the blue does a flu test. The doctor (not our regular doc) comes in, says she has a sinus infection, writes a prescription, and is ready to send us home. I mentioned to him that I presumed the flu test was negative since he did not say anything about it. Turns out he had no clue a flu test was done but lets me know that he highly doubts that is what it is. He goes to check the results and comes back in shaking his head. To all of our surprise, little AK tested positive for h1n1. We started Tamiflu that day and in 24 hours she was acting like herself again. I am assuming she had a very mild case, but nonetheless I am glad it is over.

This was taken on the very "tail end" of being sick. I just wanted to have a picture of when she had the "swine flu" to show her when she is older.*Oh... quick funny story. I did not realise how ironically funny this was until the other day. When Chris got home the day we found out she had the flu, I went to Target to get her a few things to quietly entertain her. I came home with stickers, coloring books, and a couple of new movies. Her favorite movie that I got was Charlotte's Web. She started calling it the little pig movie. Well now after having SWINE flu, she is really into pigs. :)
Once she was totally better and "cleared" to be out we took trip #2 to Mayfield Farms. This time with all her buddies.
Reed and AK swinging on the fence. This was right before she went through the gap in the fence (on the right) and stated walking toward the donkeys saying "here donkeys!" Yeah... she loves animals.
The girls and I made the kiddos Halloween shirts to wear on our outing.

Cute little Jackson in the "corn box." An awesome alternative to a sand box.
Reed climbing "tire mountain."
On the cow train. Anna Kate found a cow named Bella!
Ada and Anna Kate. We get asked ALL the time if they are twins.
This picture would have been perfect, if any of the kids would have smiled! I promise they were having fun, but none of them knew what to think about sitting there without their mommies. This was actually the best out of about ten pictures.
Reed: "ewww. I have to sit by a girl?" Ada: "Help me Anna Kate, I am busting out of here." AK: Why do Ada and Jackson have their hands on my knees?" Jackson: "Why is Molly laying on me?" Molly: "hmmmm. Look at this hay guys!"
She really like to sit on pumpkins. Strange, I know.
In the pumpkin patch.

Pretend cows that the kids could "milk." So cute!

I would really like to hurt whoever taught her to "smile" at the camera.
Taking the pumpkins to the car.
Our little cupcake at a church festival Wednesday night.
Reed came too!
And the smallest cupcake. Miss Molly.
On Friday night we went to Granna's school's fall festival. AK discovered smarties this week.
Much to my surprise, she rode a pony! I could not believe she was not scared! She really does love animals! She is a lot like her mommy.
First pony ride.
Granddaddy stayed by her for the ride.
Pony ride. Check. Next on the list... petting zoo!

First trick-or-treating. At Granddaddy and Granna's house. She was so excited!

Then after a couple neighbor's homes, we went to Granddad YaYa's.
Goodbye October!