Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We had some fun family time at the park with Addie, Aunt Brooke, and Uncle Lee yesterday. After enjoying playing at the park we splurged on pizza for lunch! Anna Kate took a nice long nap, she went to spend some quality time with her Granna while Chris and I caught a movie! It was a nice relaxing day.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Friday night Ali, James, and little Wil came over to our house for dinner and to hang out. Anna Kate is obsessed with Wil. She talks and talks to him and acts like her feelings are hurt when he does not talk back or play with her. She spent most of the night crawling to him in his car seat while he slept away! I tried to explain to her that he is not being rude... one day he will be old enough to play! :)
I got to feed Wil his bottle! He is so precious I did not want to put him down!
My favorite picture of the night. Pure sweetness.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Monday, May 12, 2008

My daughter means the world to me. I am so humbled that God has given me the special gift of motherhood. Even on the tough days, the blessings far outweigh the burdens.

I had a fabulous day on Sunday. The day began with a sweet card and gift from Chris and Anna Kate. They surprised me with a gorgeous necklace. It is extra special since it contains Anna Kate's birth stone! It will be something I will treasure and remember for years to come. We rushed around to get to early service at church. We met my family there, and then we all went to Blue Water for brunch and desert at my parent's house. I really enjoyed spending time with my mom on this special day. I have always been so blessed to have a mother who cared enough to raise me in a Godly home. She taught me so much about how to be a mother. She is a wonderful example. We were thrilled to have three generations this Mother's Day. Anna Kate hanging out at Granna's house.
After Anna Kate and I took an afternoon nap, we met Chris' family at Fresh 2 Order for dinner and hung out at the elder Bradberry house for a while. Here is another three generation picture! We love having both sides of our family in town!
Playing at Ya Ya's house.

ellie may

My heart turns to absolute mush when I see a stray animal. I just can't help it. My dad loving nicknamed me Ellie May Clampett because it seemed that I was always bringing home a "critter" that I had rescued as a child. Well... another critter has stolen my heart. She came to us on a cold, rainy night in February. She sat on our steps crying for hours and hours before I convinced Chris to let me feed her. This cute little cat decided to adopt us. We were both fine with having an outside cat and grew very fond of her quickly. We named her Zoe.
A few days later I noticed that this sweet cat was awfully fat. Yep... she was VERY pregnant. Three weeks later she showed up much thinner. We had no idea what had happened to the kittens. At first I thought that they must has died, then I noticed when petting her underside that she was visibly nursing. The hunt was on. I tried and tried to find where Zoe was keeping the kittens. After about seven weeks I gave up. Last Sunday when we got home from church I let Bella out back and five seconds later I hear her yelp. Sure enough our sweet momma cat had swatted her in protection of her kitten! Of course I went right after it. I could not wait to get my hands of that little adorable ball of fur. In fear, the kitten had run under the deck to hide... I crawled under to scoop it up. This is when the sweet adorable ball of fur turned into GODZILLA! I did not stop to think for a second that even though their mother is as friendly as can be these kittens were feral. It only took until the next day to notice that there were four different kittens. They decided to live in our back yard!
We obviously can't have this because of Bella. So I called around to no-kill shelters, only to find that they were all full. I even talked to a lady about the best ways to tame and eventually catch the kittens (in hopes to find them homes after that). Of course the day after I decided to do this, they left our yard. We've only seen Zoe and one of her kittens once in the past five days. As cute as they are and as much as I want the best for them, I really did not have the time to tame them! Hopefully they will adopt good homes. :) I really wish Zoe would come back though... I miss her! My adventures with animals...

This is Chester, another one of my rescues. :o) My parents did not mind me bringing him home too much. They ended up keeping him. He is one spoiled dog!

cute cousins

I can never resist an opportunity to take pictures of my two favorite girls! Addie is such a "little mommy." She is so much help with Anna Kate! Anna Kate absolutely adores her cousin!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Anna Kate turned eight months old on Monday. I know I say it every month, but WOW! I can't believe in a mere four months we will be having a first birthday party! She weighs a little over 16 pounds now, and loves to eat! Her favorite foods are bananas, carrots, and yogurt. She has changed quite a bit this month. Here's what's been going on...
Almost there! I think she will have crawling down to an art in a week... I better get ready to chase after her!
I don't think we have all that much time before she is off on her feet too! She loves to walk! She gets so proud of herself when she is standing up.
Her new favorite game is to get off of the couch by herself and stand beside it. She thinks it is hilarious!
We upgraded to a "big girl" car seat this weekend. Even though she has a few months before she can be front facing, she looks much more comfy!Three teeth! Over the past two weeks she has gotten her two front bottom teeth and one on the top. I am sure the other top tooth will break through any day. This was as close as I could come to a picture of them... oh well.She finally got the hang of using her sippy cup, and LOVES it.
As you can tell by her face, she loves graham crackers! I finally got up the nerve to give them to her (thanks Reed for inspiring me!) and boy am I glad I did! It is a fabulous way to occupy her when she gets restless!
Happy eight months sweet baby!

We enjoyed another wonderful afternoon at the park with Ada and Brittany on Monday. The girls looked super cute in their matching Ivey Handcrafted shirts.
Anna Kate enjoyed some bubbles, but...
her favorite part of the afternoon was checking out Ada's appendages.
Ada is clearly shocked and appalled. :)
Ada's favorite part of the afternoon was watching the wind blow the leaves on the tree above us, and the pretty sunlight peaking through. She was very observant even though Anna Kate was wallowing all over her. I am sure that Ada is ready to grow and catch up with her friend so that she can defend herself. Anna Kate does is all in love though!

Ada's view!