Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

Want to know the ingredients for our fun fall weekend? beautiful sunshine, cool temperatures, sweaters, coffee, a red wagon, pumpkins, cardboard, apples, farm animals, a scarecrow, and family! After a couple weeks of nasty colds and not much fun, we decided to make it a point to have lots of fun this weekend!

Friday evening was filled with grilled cheeses and tomato soup (a fall classic comfort food), a trip to the local produce stand to pick out some pumpkins, and a walk around the neighborhood.
Here is Anna Kate searching for the perfect pumpkin... She found one just her size!
Saturday after a lounging around all morning, we decided to go to Ross's Landing for some fun. Wheeeee! Sliding down the big hill on cardboard was so much fun! Although Anna Kate looks a little concerned upon launch, she was always smiling and clapping by the time we got to the bottom of the hill! All three of us had so much fun. After we got tired of climbing the hill over and over, we simply hung out by the riverfront and then took a walk.

She had fun trying to crawl up the hill by herself!

Goodness, she is not a baby anymore! Sometimes when I see her just taking off walking, I can't believe it!

We spent the day in Ellijay, GA on Sunday. We took off early on the coldest moring yet (42 degrees)! It is a good thing my whole family loves coffee, because a trip to Starbucks was a must this morining. After sipping on coffee (oatmeal for Anna Kate) we were nice and warm by the time we arrived. We hit up a couple of orchards and a yummy cajun resterant for lunch! It was a relaxing, enjoyable day.
I love babies in pumpkins!

me and my bro
She was too obsessed with taking her shoes off to look at the camera!

Anna Kate's buddy in the car, Chester. She thought it was hilarious that he rode with her!
Hanging out with Granna and Granddaddy.
Picking apples with daddy.
Anna Kate loved the petting farm! She laughed at the very friendly sheep, but she kept going back to the sweet baby cows! She was so gentle with them!

Notice her very appropriate shirt. ;o)

We ended the busy day on Sunday with making her very first scarecrow! I don't think it will win any beauty contests, but Anna Kate like it! That is all that matters.
Goodness I love the fall!

Friday, October 17, 2008

My best friend Courtney (along with her husband Bobby and daughter Isabelle) welcomed a new addition to her family on Wednesday October 15th. Meet the precious Emma Elizabeth Davis. Emma weighed in at 7lbs 5 oz. and was 20 inches long. She must already be trying to take after her big sister, because those were exactly Isabelle's measurements when she was born! I think she looks a whole lot like Isabelle, too!

cozy cutie... Don't you just love her sweet hat?
So wide-eyed and alert!
Look at all that beautiful hair! Anna Kate is so jealous! ;o)
It was extremely hard for me not to be right by my friend's side on Wednesday. I am so used to us being together for those "big events" in life. Unfortunately, babies come on their own time, and you can't blink and jump across 900 plus miles. I did get to talk to Courtney a lot (when she was able) and her mom and Bobby were great at calling me with updates when she was not. Now, if I can just try to be patient for three weeks I will finally get to hold that sweet little girl! Anna Kate and I can't wait to finally meet Emma and visit with the rest of the Davis clan. Until then, Courtney will have to indulge me with a plethora of pictures and updates.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Newsflash! After waiting one year, one month, one week, and three days Anna Kate has FINALLY started saying Ma Ma! Every time we have tried to get her to say it, she just smiled and laughed. Most of the time she would point to me when someone said Ma Ma. The stubborn little thing would just not say it! Today, my heart finally melted. I walked by her high chair this evening while she was eating dinner, and out of no where she uttered a loud, clear "Ma Ma!" I immediately smiled, and then she started clapping for herself. She knew it was something that I had been waiting for. I know for sure that it was not a fluke, because she said her new found word about 106 more times before the night was over...

On a side note, sorry for the lack of blogging lately. We have seriously had NOTHING fun going on lately. The next few pictures will show you the highlights of my last week... Although it may look cute in pictures, it's not so cute to clean up! This is definitely her new obsession. As soon as she thinks she can sneak past me, she RUNS to the bathroom to unravel the white spool of fun.