Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the best of friends

It takes a pretty special friend to travel over 900 miles while 34 weeks pregnant to be at your daughter's first birthday. My best friend Courtney is amazing. She surprised me a few weeks back by e-mailing me her flight itinerary for the weekend of Anna Kate's birthday. It was so great to have her, Isabelle and Bobby here for Anna Kate's special day. I think I am getting spoiled here lately... We visited them in CT in July, they were here this last weekend, and I am going back there next month to see little Emma when she is born! I miss her living in town so much! I will never take for granted those spur of the moment, shopping trips, ice cream runs, game nights, and just hanging out for the sake of hanging out!


Brittany said...

best friends are irreplaceable. That was so sweet of Courtney & fam to come down for the big day. What a sweet friend. I love the pics of Isabelle and A.K. in the wagon and did not know it has a cover-how cool. Ada says she wants another ride :)