Monday, May 11, 2009

So I had this crazy idea... The constant rain we had been having in Chattanooga starting a couple weeks ago made we dream of sunny skies. I am not usually a spontaneous person at all, but I casually mentioned the idea of spending a couple of nights at the beach to my friend Jessica. Knowing that one close friend had just returned from the beach, and another was there, made us even more jealous! We got to talking about it, and decided to start looking for places to stay "if" we decided to go. We even called our friends Brittany and Ashley who had recently enjoyed the beach to see if they were up for a repeat trip. Although they were sadly not able to make it, to our surprise, we found a deal on a three bedroom condo that we could not pass up. On top of a fabulous rate, they were offering us one night free! So a day and a half later with three kids in the back of my car, we were on the road!

We had such a fun trip. It was worth every second of the drive down to sink our toes in the sand, wake up to the sound of the ocean, and soak up a little sun. The kids all did surprisingly well! Anna Kate had not been a huge fan of getting sand stuck on her the last couple times we have gone to the beach, so I was a little worried about how things would go. To my surprise, She followed her buddy Reed out, and did not flinch! They were both covered in sand the whole time, but loved every minute of it! Anna Kate also love being with her friends all the time. The first thing she said when she woke up every morning was "Maa-eee?" "Dee?" (her -ever so cute- version of Molly and Reed).

I took way too many pictures to choose a couple to post, so here is a slide show to enjoy! Believe it or not, Jessica and I were there, although somehow we came back without a single photo of either one of us on the beach.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rain ruined all chances of our fun outdoor plans last weekend. Anna Kate kept asking to go play outside! Since she was feeling better and it was very warm outside, we decided to let her splash around in the puddles for awhile. As you can tell, she does not own any galoshes yet, but had a blast getting her tootsies wet!

fun with reflection... it was hard to pick my favorites!

May 27th, 2009: AK's first ear infection (this is more for my records) :o)

The smile seen below on our little girl's face did not last long after this picture! After a fun lunch and playdate with her buddy Isabelle, Anna Kate's mood got progressively worse. After screaming through dinner, I brought her her home to discover that her temperature had risen to 103 degrees. An immediate call was placed to the on-call pediatrician. Following orders of a luke warm bath, and rotating Tylenol and Motrin, we got her fever down to 101.8 by about 8:30 p.m. At that point I put her to bed with the intention on checking on her every hour. When I went to check on her at 10:15 p.m. she was burning up to the touch. I picked her up to take her temp, and to my horor it was elevated to 104 degrees! Minutes later we were in the car on our way to P.M. Pediatrics clinic. One look was all it took to confirm that our baby had her first ear infection! Still so fevered and yucky feeling the next day... all she wanted to do was lay on our bed and read books, sleep, and watch Elmo.
A little better by Wednesday, but still laying in bed! I was thrilled when she ate some applesauce and cheerios!
That night she ate a good dinner and seemed to have her appitite back. We were stir crazy, so we took AK out for a treat. Baskin Robins was having the 31 cent per scoop night!
Finally well enough to be out and about on Thursday! Off to a yummy lunch with friends!

Last week, we were blessed by a visit from our sweet friends the Davis family! After a long 16 hour plus drive with two little ones, they arrived in Chattanooga on Thursday night. It was so good to finally hug their necks and see them face to face!

This was little Emma's first trip to her big sister's birthplace, and she met lots of her family's old friends for the first time. It is absolutely stunning and somewhat heart breaking how much she has changed since I saw her in November. I was so glad to get some good snuggle and playtime in with this little cutie.Isabelle and Anna Kate were so cute together this time. Although they both have very similar "strong willed" personalities, they got along great. Anna Kate was in awe of her (nine month older) friend "Bell" and looked up to her. She followed her around with a grin on her face and wanted to do everything she did.
Isabelle was also a huge fan of "Eddie Tate." She wanted to ride in the car with her, be in the same room with her, and play with her all the time. Seeing little friendships blossom is precious!

Here are some pictures of the older two in action.
We had a fun playdate at Coolidge park with Isabelle, Emma, Reed, Molly, Jackson C., and Jackson I. (missed you Ada)! We were so excited to see the fountains on for the first time this year!

Caught them holding hands in the backseat!
Playing in the backyard. Anna Kate was still a little leery of her pool...
but she adores her water table!

Good morning friend!Playing blocks before going to church on Sunday.
An uncooperative group shot. :)
sweet, sweet Emma
Fun on the slide at Chick-Fil-A. Anna Kate had a blast climbing up the slide after Isabelle and the coming down with her! Little did we know that she would be running a 104 degree fever that night!
We were looking so forward to a group photo shoot with Brittany (aka Moncrief Photography) on Monday, but because of Ada being sick, Anna Kate being sick, and trying to work around so many schedules it did not work out! We can't wait to schedule it for next time they are in town! Although we did not get the pictures we were hoping for, Courtney and I did manage to snag one together.
Miss you so much already friend! Can't wait to plan more for our trip up north this summer!