Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Although I would not give up the sweet time of Anna Kate being an infant for the world and often times want it back so badly) there is something fun and amusing about her actually being able to PLAY on playdates now. This past week she got to spend time with her two friends that are closest to her in age. Reed is about seven weeks younger than her and Ty is about seven weeks older.
Last Wednesday after Kindermusik we went with Reed and his mom Jessica to play at Coolidge Park. Anna Kate and Reed had a blast riding in the wagon and going through the fountain. They both got drenched, so we sat on a blanket in the shade for awhile to dry off. Reed even let Anna Kate borrow a dry onesie! The kids had fun toddleing around and watching people play frisbee while Jessica and I talked. What a nice way to spend the afternoon!

Is that a kiss on the arm? Anna Kate looks unsure...
She pays him back with a kiss on the cheek.
This afternoon Anna Kate and I spent the the afternoon with the Hollands. Anna Kate had so much fun playing with Gracie and Ty! The highlight of my trip was meeting sweet baby Cole for the first time! Kimberly and I tried to get some chatting in, but spent most of our time feeding and corraling kids. I really don't know how she keeps her sanity with a 2 year old, 1 year old, and 4 week old! She is the true definition of "Supermom."

Three amigos!
Kimberly's kids know how to cheese it up for the camera. So cute!
Precious baby Cole...
Holding new babies never gets old...
so precious, so tiny, so new


Brittany said...

sweet! Makes me sad the fountains were not on today. We will just have to go back next week!

How does your friend do it with the three little ones? Wow! Supermom is an understatement :)

The Hollands said...

We had fun!! Looking forward to Tuesday...:)My email is kaholland82@gmail.com