Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sad day...

Yesterday was a day I've dreaded for quite some time. I had to say goodbye to my best friend. Courtney and I have been inseparable ever since we met at Lee University six years ago. I am so glad for her time here in Chattanooga. We were in each other's weddings, got to be together while we were pregnant, and were there for the birth of each other's daughters. Though I will miss Courtney, Bob, and Isabelle more than words can say, I am glad they get to live near their family. There will be lots of visiting and phone calls (thank goodness for Sprint mobile to mobile)! I thank God for the blessing of her friendship.

Anna Kate's cousin Addie had a Halloween party on Sunday. We all had a good time, and the kids looked so cute! We enjoyed one of our last nights with Bob, Courtney and Isabelle. It was both Isabelle and Anna Kate's first Halloween. :)


A quick afternoon nap with my daddy...

Just a quick picture with our best buddies!

We could not let the guys have all the fun! We took the night to go to a paint your own pottery place! It was a great time hanging with the gals, and we got to make a special mug for Courtney to take to CT.

MAN party...

The guys needed a little macho time, so they took a night to watch the movie 300 and play poker.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dog park...

We all went to the dog park with Bella on Sunday afternoon. Daddy and Bella played while Anna Kate and I watched outside the fence.

The many adorable faces of Anna Kate.

Last Sunday was Anna Kate's first time at church! She got all dressed up in her pretty pink dress. She did great in the service. She slept on Granna's shoulder the whole time!

Anna Kate and I spent Saturday with our friends Courtney and Isabelle. We had a fun day going to Cleveland, TN to the apple festival!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tonight, we had a pumpkin party/going away get-together. Our dear friends, Bob and Courtney, are moving to CT in a couple weeks, so we wanted to spend some fun time with them. We surprised them with a basket full of Chattanooga themed items. This is the second year in a row that we have enjoyed carving pumpkins with Bob and Courtney. Courtney and I did not have quite as elaborate pumpkins this year because we were splitting our time taking care of our little girls! Being moms takes away a lot of your time, but we would not trade it for anything! It was a really fun night.


Addie and Anna Kate playing during a TN football game.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Our sweetie was having some "poopy" issues, so the pediatrician wanted us to give her a little prune juice to get things moving along. Her face is priceless!

Due date...

Yesterday, October 8th, was my due date. I can't imagine having to wait until now to see my sweet baby. We've made so many memories already! We had a fun filled morning playing on her playmat, reading our favorite books, singing songs, and "talking." She was so tired after all this that she fell asleep sitting up! She is such a joy in my life.

Anna Kate's halloween costume is still too big for her, but it looks fabulous on her friend Bella!

Saturday Anna Kate went with me, some of my friends, her friend Isabelle, and Granna and Granddaddy to a bluegrass festival downtown. We had a great time listening to some great music and chatting with "the girls." Anna Kate spent most of th time sleeping on Granna and Granddaddy's laps.


Here's Anna Kate on October 5th... her "month-day!" We started the day off by going to the pediatrician. She got a great report... she is up to 8 pounds! We had lunch with Uncle Brian, and then rode with daddy out to GA for one of his appointments. After that we had dinner with Ya Ya and Granddad, then went home to play and get ready for bed. We were surprised to find a present from her great grandparents waiting for her. She got a pretty new dress, cute outfit, and a barking puppy dog! I can't believe it's already been a month since she was born!

Tummy time is not her favorite thing quite yet. This picture is right before she started screaming... All that can make a girl sleepy!

We took Anna Kate to Coolidge Park for a nice evening walk before meeting Jimmy and Brittany for dinner on the porch of a restaurant and Clumpies ice cream!