Thursday, September 10, 2009

The celebration of Anna Kate's second birthday started a week early on August 29th. Since so many of our friends and family were planning to be out of town for Labor Day weekend (as were we), we had Anna Kate's party early. This little girl looked forward to her "A-B-C-D birthday party" for at least a month ahead of time. When we arrived at the party she excitedly screamed "Yay! Anna Kate's birthday!"
I was busy running around taking care of things for the party, so I did not take many pictures. Shocker I know. Don't worry though, this area was well taken care of by my talented friend, Brittany. Her pictures of the party should be ready some time in the next week. I will be sure to post some and write more about her party.
For now... these few will have to do. :)During her "birthday week", we tried to doing something small everyday that was special for Anna Kate. Monday we surprised her with new bath toys at bath time. Tuesday we took her to Chuck E. Cheese (a nightmare for mom and dad). Wednesday during a family photo shoot with Brittany, we let Anna Kate get an ice cream cone. Thursday she made cookies with mommy during the day, and went with daddy that evening to feed some ducks. Friday we were in the car on the way to FL, so that was not much fun, but she did get to watch Blue's Clues on the way... I am sure she saw that as special because we never watch TV in the car unless we are on trips.On Saturday, her actual birthday, we went to a brand new restaurant in Pensacola with my grandparents. Then my grandmother gave her a Sesame Street birthday party. She was very excited to have a "more" birthday party and to see Elmo and the gang on the plates, cake, etc.
In addition to singing "Happy Birthday" to Anna Kate, she wanted the whole family to sing to her baby, Lily and her duck, Ming Ming. It was super cute. Anna Kate really likes to sing and stated really liking the birthday song. I put her down for a nap before this party and when I went to check on her she was -ever so sweetly- singing "appy birtday to yous, appy birtday to yous, appy birtday a Anna Kate..." It made her mommy melt!
We finished off her birthday by feeding some ducks at a pond near my grandparent's house. This is one of Anna Kate's favorite pastimes. She was extra excited because in addition to the duck in this pond, there were also turtles!
Hope to be able to share more (and much better I am sure) pictures from her party soon! Stay tuned!