Sunday, April 4, 2010

So yes. I know. I have not blogged since Valentines Day. There has certainly not been a lack of events happening at our household though! Here is a little recap of our month of March. :)
March 1st was a day that our family had been looking forward to for quite awhile! At 1:00 p.m. we had the ultrasound to check up on the smallest of the Bradberry crew and to find out if that little one was a he or a she! Much to daddy's delight, we have a BOY on the way! It took Anna Kate and I a day or two to warm up to the idea, but now we are so excited as well! I can't wait to meet little Carter Christopher!
AK wanted to lay where mommy had to lay for the ultrasound. :)

Later that week, we had some very special visitors. We were thrilled to have our much missed friends in town for a few days. Although visits with the Davis family are never long enough, Anna Kate and Isabelle are just like their mommies. It takes less than a minute to catch up and pick back up from where we left off!
So fun to wake up to a house full of sleepy little girls!
At the children's museum with Rebecca and little Jackson.

Anna Kate LOVED having another girl to play with!
The Davis, Iwanczyk, and Bradberry families after a yummy dinner at Big River.
playing at the mall
so cute!
sweet Emma!

she loves to swing!
taking turns pushing Emma in the swing :)
It was so great to see these guys! We miss them so very much! CT is just way too far away!

St. Patrick's Day was also known as "green day" to Anna Kate. She had fun picking out green shirts for both her and mommy to wear. We had green milk for lunch, along with green goldfish for snack. Then we went to target and went on a green hunt. She was allowed to pick out 3 small toys/knickknacks that were green. She had a blast! We ended up with a green play ball, a pink "turtle" with green spots, and green toenail polish!
We had a great time celebrating Daddy's birthday on the 20th! I love when birthdays fall on Saturdays. While daddy was on an early morning fishing trip, Anna Kate and I wrapped his presents and iced his cake. When he got back we all went to a yummy lunch and then to Harrison Bay to enjoy the beautiful weather on the first day of Spring! We ended the day with dinner with the parents and birthday treats at our house!

Our next celebration was for this little cutie! Can't believe Miss Molly is one! She is such a precious baby! So glad we got to celebrate with you!
The kids all had fun at the park where we celebrated Molly's birthday!
my beautiful girl
cupcake time!
The next morning, AK and I headed to FL with Granna and Granddaddy to visit my grandparents. Great Grandparents are sure spoiling people. :) It may take me awhile to "straighten her out" after spending the week getting her way 90% of the time.
An egg hunt with PaPa.
quiet time
AK had a REALLY bad bout of allergies while we were there. A nurse suggested we give her decaf hot tea before bed to help break up congestion. She loved it!
Even allergies can't keep this girl away from pretty pink flowers! Though mommy cringed at what the pollen was probably doing to her, she loved picking flowers from the Azalea bush. She was was constantly begging for "one more flower."
Grand MaMa and AK

Her first time dying eggs!
We took a really quick trip to the beach. Wish we could have spent more time there!
Great Grandmother and Great Granddaddy pointing out a seagull for AK.
She love the constant attention. When someone did not play with her for more than 5 minutes, she would walking around the room saying "play with me, play with me, PLAY WITH ME" until someone did. Yes... I told you she was totally spoiled on this trip.
Goodbyes with the Stricklands.
Goodbyes with the Browns.
I am not a big fan of "belly shots" while pregnant, but this is for the out of town friends and family that have been asking. :) Carter says hello!
Chris and I celebrated five yeas of marriage last Saturday. Can't believe it has been that long! So happy I found him twelve years ago! It amazes me to look at our life now with five years of wonderful marriage, a beautiful daughter, and a baby boy on the way! Time flies!
AK put her empty Easter basket by her bedroom door on Saturday night with wide eyes of anticipation. She was so super excited when she opened her door Sunday morning to see that the Easter Bunny had not forgotten to fill her basket with presents!
She was equally excited about going to church at the park to sing and hear people talk about Jesus. She is such a sweetie.
I can't get over how grown up she looks! Where did my baby go?
That catches you up our our little family's happenings from March 1st-April 4th! In the next few months we are planning a lot of home improvements and preparing for Carter to arrive, so hopefully some more fun pictures to come!