Wednesday, September 3, 2008

our trip to fl

WARNING: This post will be LONG! :)

We enjoyed last Wednesday through Monday in beautiful Pensacola, FL. We decided to take Wednesday and half of Thursday for the three of us to just enjoy the beach and being together. We had so much fun and the weather was perfect!

Anna Kate loved playing in the sand!She shared her snack with the seagulls. They kept wanting more!
Fun in the pool with mommy. This little girl loves the water!
Chillin' with daddy in the hammock.
The hotel where we stayed had and awesome kiddie pool! It was huge and had several different types of fountains in it. Anna Kate love being able to crawl and walk through it!
beautiful white sandy beach + bare feet + sunset + my daughter and husband = one perfect evening

Thursday morning we woke up a little early. After a quick trip to the Starbucks in out hotel we took our coffee and peach muffins out to the beach. It was so nice to beat the crowds out there. We lounged in our chairs and ate breakfast while Anna Kate played in between us in the sand. While we were there, about ten dolphin came very close to shore and "put on a show" for us. I've seen dolphin a lot in the gulf, but this time was amazing. They were actually jumping all the way out of the water, doing flips and playing with each other. We had so much fun watching them. Unfortunately this is one of those times that I am kicking myself for not having my camera handy.
Later that morning we went to the pool. Again... it was early and in the middle of the week, so we had the pool all to ourselves!
This trip was Anna Kate's first time in a hotel room. I was a little worried about her going to sleep on her own with me and Chris in the room, but she did great! I think she was so tuckered out by the end of the day that she just zonked out.
Since Anna Kate's great-grandparents will not be able to make it to her party, my Grandma Brown hosted a small family party at her house while we were there. AK had a blast digging into her presents and cupcake!

Pensacola is a very special place to my family. My granddaddy and grandma both grew up within miles of there, all four of my grandparents live there, my mom grew up there, my parents met there in college, and I have been going there on a regular basis since I was younger than Anna Kate. My Granddaddy says that "this beach is in our blood." I believe it. While we did not want to pay to have professional pictures taken, my mom and I thought it would be neat to take the whole family down to the beach one evening and try to get some pictures. Although they are not perfect, I think I captured the love of our family and the love of the beach. Later that night I put the photos in a sideshow to the song Heavenly Day by Patty Griffin. All the women of the family were in tears. I sure had a fun time taking these shots... we may have to do it every time we go! Here are some of my favorites.

After such a gorgeous evening the night before, hurricane Gustav started rolling in on Sunday. We went out to the beach at lunch time and ate at Hemingway's (a great place to eat if you are ever in Pensacola) on the porch. Although it was quite windy, we had fun watching the storm intensify. After we ate, we drove out farther down the island to see some of the waves. Although not huge yet, they were definitely intimidating. I am so glad that Gustav sparred Pensacola this time, and was not as bad as expected for the rest of the gulf coast.

Daddy and Anna Kate on a pier in the bay checking out the weather.
He kinda looks worried... :o)

Beginnings of a rain band from Gustav.

We had such a nice trip. Even though I got my "beach fix" I am missing it! Also missing my grandparents. I wish they lived closer so I could visit them more often.


Pen and Ink Calligraphy said...

Looks like such a wonderful trip. The pictures of your family on the beach are incredible! I love the one where you wrote 'family' in the sand - it is so perfect! I'm so glad you guys had a good time! Anna Kate looks so much older to me all of the sudden! She is such a pretty girl!

Jessica said...

Your photos are great! I thought about you guys with Gustov. Glad that it wasn't so bad for the Gulf! Anna Kate looks so big in the photo where she's standing next to the fence. How adorable! You look like a professional yourself with those pics! They are great!! What a beautiful backdrop for your family pictures!

Ivey Handcrafted said...

These pics are BEAUTIFUL - I love the whole family shot....just beautiful.

Brittany said...

Love Love Love the pictures. Who needs a "professional". These pictures are awesome! My favorite is the one of A.K. peeking out over your shoulders. So cute!

This week was Ada's first time in a hotel too :)

Amy said...

Thanks girls for the kind words! You are all too sweet! I really had a great time taking all these pics!

Ashley said...

I love it!!! They are perfect and capture the love of the entire family! Beautiful, but I did not expect anything less from you! (:

Rene' said...

Those pictures are INCREDIBLE! You are an amazing photographer. You captured some priceless memories. Anna Kate is so pretty! Love ya!