Sunday, April 27, 2008

"long" hair

Over the last couple weeks it seems like all our friends and family have had one thing to say to Anna Kate... "Your hair is getting so LONG!" Well if you have ever seen my baby, you will know why this cracks me up so much! Her hair is visibly growing though. Before she was born I want to Strasburg and bought about eight bows. Guess I jinxed myself. I've of course not been able to use them yet. Yes... I am very anxious to put cutsie little bows in her hair! On the other hand, I've gotten so used to my beautiful bald baby! Hair is going to change her looks so much. Either way though, I think the "long hair" comments will continue to crack me up for awhile.


Brittany said...

I love Anna Kate's long hair. Ada is currently sporting a mullet. She has an inch in the back and a centimeter in the front.

Jessica said...

That's so cute! I think Reed is with Anna Kate on this one. The only place he has much hair is in the back. I call it his 'soul patch'.