Monday, April 21, 2008

bad little tooth

Well... I can not say we had a "good" weekend. We pretty much stayed home all weekend because my two favorite people were not feeling well. Chris is battling really bad allergies and swollen glands, and little Anna Kate is teething! So, Saturday I spent cleaning the house in the breaks I had from taking care of Anna Kate. It is so sad... she is in SO much pain! Her usual bubbly personality is on hiatus and a crying, whining , and screaming child has taken over! How can one little tooth cause so much pain? She has pretty much demanded constant attention. My days have been spent trying anything to make her happy and get her mind off the pain. We read books, played in the floor with plastic bowls, took about 4 baths (just to play), took walks outside, played in her swing, danced, and I even resorted to watching Baby Einstein. I am definitely not an advocate of using the TV for a pacifier, but desperate times call for desperate measures! She loves the farm dvd, and it got me about 15 mins. of sanity!


Ivey Handcrafted said...

oooh I hate to know that Anna Kate isn't feeling well - I sure hope she feels better soon! I am almost finished with Anna Kate's tshirt - I hope you guys like it! XOXO

Lisa said...

Poor, poor, girl - teething is so awful! Hope she's all better very soon!

Brittany said...

She looks tuckered out in her high chair shot. Poor little one!