Thursday, March 6, 2008

SIX Months Old!

I almost get teary eyed thinking that my little baby girl is half a year old. People always tell you to enjoy every moment because they grow up so fast. I don't think you ever really realize how fast it really goes until you experience it for yourself. It seems like yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital! The past month has been fun. She is sitting by herself now (still wobbly). She has most definitely found her voice and loves squealing (SO cute, but just not in the middle of church:)). We continue to get more and more of those deep belly laughs when she gets tickled or we say something that she thinks is funny. She has finally rolled over! Bless her heart she has tried for so long! She has also begun to discover her feet. Who knew she had such cool things to play with and suck on? She grabs and picks up everything she wants now. Perhaps our favorite thing that she does now, is reach out for us when she wants us and play with our faces. We go back to the pediatrician on the 12th, so I will update you with all her latest info then. I am completely head over heals for this little girl! Happy "6 month day" Anna Kate!

We like to stick what little hair she has up after her baths. :)


Brittany said...

These are sooo cute. I love the one where she is lounging in the bathtub. You always manage to capture such great bathtime shots.

Happy 6th month, Anna Kate! -Ada

Becca said...

Amy I absolutely LOVE your blog. I have shown just about everyone I know those adorable pictures of Anna Kate in the bath tub when Bella interupts...that should win you some prize money!!
I cannot believe she's already 6 months old!!! Happy 6th Month Birthday! (sorry, wish I too had some cute baby name to end this with, but unfortunately it will just have to be...)
- fletcher and fiona

Jessica said...

How cute! I found your blog through Brittany's, and I love seeing what Anna Kate is up to! It's so much fun to see her progress and get a sneak peak at what Reed will be doing soon!
Not sure if you remember me, but I held Anna Kate for you at Brittany's shower. She's such a doll!

Lisa said...

Wow, six months already! I love the one of her sitting up - what a big girl! They are all so cute!