Monday, March 31, 2008

addie and anna kate

Cousin Addie spent the day with us last Tuesday. I kept Addie a couple days a week last summer while I was pregnant, but have not had the joy of spending a whole day with her at my house since Anna Kate came along. We three gals had so much fun! Addie was such a big help with Anna Kate! She helped me feed her, listened very intently to the monitor while she was taking a nap, and entertained her in the backseat of the car. Since the day we told Addie that Anna Kate was in my stomach, she has said that she is Anna Kate's "big sister." She still will not budge on that fact. In just a short few months Addie will really be a big sister! My sister-in-law Brooke is expecting again in July! We can't wait to meet little Michael! Addie you are welcome to come back and play any time! We love you!


ya ya said...

the two most beautiful girls in the world

Brittany said...

You can tell Addie is photographed often. She has her posing down. Too cute!