Monday, March 24, 2008

great grandparents

Anna Kate had a blast in Pensacola with her great-grandparents! She really took to them so well, and had so much fun playing with them!
This is Grandpapa Brown. Anna Kate really loved the silly faces and noises he made while playing with her!

This is Grandmama Brown. Anna Kate was obsessed with pulling her glasses off and really listed when she told her stories about when mommy was little.

This is Great-Granddaddy Strickland. He could always get a smile out of Anna Kate and she loved scooting under their glass coffee table!This is Great-Grandmother Strickland. Anna Kate had lots of fun rolling her purple ball back and forth with her and was very content sitting in her lap!

When we got back to Chattanooga, Chris' grandmother was here for the weekend. We were so glad that Anna Kate finally got to meet her!


Brittany said...

Wow, Anna Kate really loaded up on Great-Grandparent time. That is awesome. I love the name Grand-Papa. So cute.