Thursday, April 16, 2009

My friend Kimberly and I finally coordinated a time to go to the Creative Discovery Museum! A potentially stressful day of four kids vs. two adults turned out to be very relaxing and fun! All the kids were very well behaved and we mommies even got in some time to chat!

Here is baby Cole (7 months). He really is a perfect baby. His mommy is very thankful for this.Ty is about 6 weeks older than Anna Kate. He is very sweet as well. Although, I've not seen it, his mommy says he has a temper to match his hair! He loved playing with the vacuum and broom, much like out other friend Reed!
Gracie (who just turned 3) is so cute and love to take care of her friend Anna "Cake."Anna Kate in the "kitchen" pretending to eat an apple. If only she was not picky about her real food... :o)
Gracie and Anna Kate preparing our dinner.
My dinner that Gracie made for me. All chocolate! She thinks like a true woman.
Ty and AK sliding together! Awwww.
Gracie helping Anna Kate in the sand pit. AK is not a big fan of sand on or off the beach.
This is quite a milestone! Thanks for coaxing her out there Gracie-girl!
Anna Kate's favorite part of the museum!
Such a little mommy. She wanted to give "the baby" "milka." Thanks Kimberly for letting her feed Cole! It made her day! She love babies SO much!


Michael said...

Too cute! So she gives me hope that I'll be able to handle taking two kids to the museum. If she can take three under three than I should be able to take two!

Looks like a fun time!

Jessica said...

Oops - that was really me. Logged in as Michael =)

The Davis family said...

What a fun playdate! Looks like the 3 of them had a great time =) Cute pictures.

-brittany- said...

The picture of Baby Cole with milk dripping down his necking had me laughing out loud. So cute!

The Hollands said...

It was soo fun!! Thanks for taking us....and very "do-able" as I said before!! LOL We definitely need to do it again!! Love you guys!! I think that we are free Tues and Wed next week if you are...we can redo or do something else...:)