Monday, April 6, 2009

meet molly

We are so glad to introduce to you Anna Kate's newest playmate! Little Molly Ruth Hampton was born one week ago on March 30th. We were so excited to hear of her long awaited arrival and could not WAIT to go meet her. We rushed to get ready as soon as we heard the news, and went with Brittany, Ada, and Molly's big brother Reed to see this sweet girl. Precious, indeed.
Celebration of Molly started long before she came. On a FREEZING (12 degrees, to be exact!) Friday morning in January, Brittany, Ashley, and I packed up the kiddos and headed down to the Calhoun, GA outlets to start shopping for Molly! Needless to say we were some of the few shopping at the outdoor outlet mall on that day! Although our fingers, toes, and noses were numb as we went store to store, and our babies had on so many layers of clothing they could not move, we had a BLAST!

Proof of the temp. Crazy cold for Chattanooga!More fun came when we (with the help of Jessica's husband Michael) surprised Jessica with a baby shower and basket-full of goodies in February. The Gallery Cafe' on the southside of Chattanooga was the location of choice. This favorite lunch spot did not disappoint! Yummy quiche and soup, homemade, cupcakes, fun girly gifts, and of course lots of laughter made for a great time!
We were lucky enough to see Molly again this last Friday when we (as a group) made dinner for twelve (thirteen if you count Molly!), and took it up the mountain to the Hampton's home. Fun times as always as we ate a yummy dinner, visited, watched the older kids play,and "oooed and awwwed" as we passed the sweet sleeping baby around . Anna Kate could not get enough of her new friend, and was perfectly content just staring at her as she slept in the bassinette.
Sweet Molly girl! We are so glad you are here, and look forward to many fun times to come!


Ashley said...

We are so glad Molly is finally here! It seems like it has been forever that we have been waiting!!

Jackson with all the girls is just too cute! He looks so little in that picture and it was only 2 months ago!

Jessica said...

Aww, fun. Can't believe it was that cold that day! Molly can't wait to play with all of her older friends!!

Thanks again for all the food last Friday! We really had a good time. I couldn't believe it was so late when everyone left. I swear I thought it was like nine! I guess that's what happens when you have a good time!

Amy said...

I totally stole the last picture from you, Jessica! Sorry... wanted one not in the hospital, but I forgot my memory card when we came Friday!