Sunday, April 12, 2009

easter weekend

Easter weekend has come and gone in a whirlwind of activities. The fun started early Saturday morning with meeting Mr. Bunny himself! Boyd Buchanan High School hosted an Easter egg hunt for their alumni with children. Since Chris and I both graduated from there, we thought it would be fun to go see a few familiar faces and let Anna Kate hunt some eggs.

Not quite as leery as we thought she would be, Anna Kate decided to shake the Easter bunny's hand!
Look Jackson was there! Jackson's daddy Chad is also a BBS alum and LONG time friend of mine and Chris (although, not a BBS graduate, we've known Ashley for a long time, too!). So glad that we are all still so close.
After warming up to this giant white rabbit, she could not get enough of him! She followed him around waving. They even took turns dancing!

Anna Kate found her friend Wil, too! Wil's mommy and daddy are another BBS-made couple, just like me and Chris. We have also known James and Ali since middle school! It is so good to keep in touch with good friends. Who would have thought we would be back twelve years later with our kids? Crazy.
The three kiddos.
As most of you know, Anna Kate cannot go anywhere without her doll, Lily.
After the egg hunt and a few errands, we met Anna Kate's cousins at YaYa and Granddad's house for lunch.
Liam is growing up so much! He changes every time I see him, and I can't believe he will be ONE in a couple months.
And Addie is almost FIVE! Seems like yesterday that she was born. She has grown-up so much this year, especially.
the pretty gals...
I say it every time, but it is SO hard to get a decent picture of these three. Someone always seems to have a silly face, not be looking, or wiggle away at the last second. Out of the umpteen hundred I tried to take, this was the best.
Addie and her big (prize) egg.
Anna Kate LOVED hunting eggs. I think that we may have many more egg hunts before next Easter. A great way to keep her entertained!
examining her "loot"
bunny-Liam... so cute!
This morning we went to a church service at Coolidge Park with my mom, dad, and brother, Chris' parents, and the Commander family. It was a very well organized service with beautiful, music, testimony, and message. It was nice to be outside enjoying the sunshine. We especially loved it because Anna Kate did not have to go to the nursery! She did great reading books, coloring, eating snacks, and "taking care" of her friend Jackson.

keeping themselves entertained...
We accidentally left her Easter basket at Boyd Buchanan (I was SO SAD), so I had to make one last minute for the Easter bunny to fill up.
Checking out her surprises at Granna's house.
Here she is in Granna and Granddaddy's backyard on her THIRD egg hunt in a little over 24 hours! She had fun each time!

some "fun with flower" pictures...

Allergies? Oh goodness! Thank goodness for Zyrtec.
Although hectic, it was a fun weekend! Great times with friends and family.


-brittany- said...

Sweet pictures! Easter was even more fun this year wasn't it with the girls a little older and actually able to carry their little baskets around. Love AK's Easter dresses and the basket you put together for her too. I recognized the monogrammed portion...very innovative :)

Jessica said...

LOVE all the photos! Her dress is too cute! Sounds like a fun time! Reed, too, loved the easter egg hunting - although he enjoyed "hiding" the eggs once he found them all, too!

We may have to have more egg hunts, like you said!

Ashley said...

Oh! I love her hunting the eggs! The best was when she needed a "basket" to put them in. You never know when a plastic bag will come in handy! Jackson also appreciated her sharing her treats with him. :)

The Davis family said...

Love all of your warm pictures!! Her spring dresses are too cute and I love all the flowers in bloom, plus the green grass.. hehe.. I won't even begin to tell you how cold our Easter was!