Sunday, November 2, 2008

ladybug for a week

Anna Kate got good use out of her Halloween costume this year. No, she did not actually wear it for a week straight, but she did wear it four times!
We started the "boo day" festivities last Saturday at her cousin Addie's annual Halloween bash. Unfortunately, the party was outside at night with kids running everywhere, so that resulted in me just chasing my one year old around... I had no time to take pictures.
On Wednesday, we went to Silverdale Baptist's fall festival with Ya Ya, Granddad, Aunt Brooke, Uncle Lee, Addie, and Little Liam.
Here is my ladybug snuggling with her pumpkin cousin before we left. They are so very cute!Addie was precious in her Dorothy costume! This little girl LOVES The Wizard of Oz! I am kicking myself for not getting a picture of her "real" ruby slippers! Guess that is what happens when you are trying to take pictures and chase a toddler!Anna Kate also loved Liam and Addie's cousin Katie's pink puppy outfit! Katie is such a sweetie!
ladybug on the loose...
some black and whites...

On Halloween, we took a mini road trip with Ashley and Jackson, and Brittany and Ada (we missed you tons Jessica and Reed!). We all piled in my mom's mini-van early in the morning. After a trip to Starbucks for some pumpkin spice lattes, we hit I-75 southbound. We stopped at a farm in Resacca, GA where we found some very cute animals to pet (including miniature horses and donkeys, llamas, ducks, chickens, goats galore, a chinchilla, a hedgehog, bearded dragons, sugar gliders, and a macaw) and a fun tractor ride! Unfortunately... lines got crossed somewhere and there were not pumpkins there like we all thought. We did find a cute pumpkin patch 15 mins. down the road in Adairsville, though.
My baby girl LOVES animals! We've not found one that she is afraid of.
The three amigos on the tractor ride!
After she fed the goats, Anna Kate proceeded to chase them around! All of the goats were very pregnant so they probably did not appreciate this! We literally watched one for ten minutes because she was so close to giving birth (there were physical signs going on that we won't discuss), and we wanted to witness it.
Ada (and her mommy) were not as sure about the goats!
Sweet Jackson just watched intently.
Anna Kate and the pumpkins... (she would not put her bag of graham crackers down!)
I love this smile.
We had a fun day!
We ended the day with a nice quiet evening at Granna and Granddaddy's. We have a tradition of spending Halloween night at their house because they get NO tricker-treaters. I know, I am a party pooper, but we get soooo many at our house that I really get tired of going to the door!


Pen and Ink Calligraphy said...

Looks like a fun week! All the kiddos look so adorable in their costumes! I LOVE the 'ladybug on the loose' pic - it is so cute! That's great that she loves the animals so much!
- Lisa

Jessica said...

OH my goodness, how cute! They are all so adorable in their costumes! Sorry we missed it! Someday I'll catch up on my blog and post Reed's costume pics!

The Hollands said...

How cute!! What fun to have with little friends!!