Sunday, November 16, 2008

If I had to wrap up our trip to CT in words it would be "simple but sweet." We did not have big plans nor did we do anything elaborate, but I would not have had it any other way. We passed the time just like we used to when we lived in the same town... playing and cuddling with our girls, eating lots of ice cream, staying up late talking until we were delirious, shopping, and just "being." That is what I love about our friendship. We don't have to "entertain" each other, and we pick right back up as if we've only been apart for a day or two.

Anna Kate on the plane... I am not going to lie to you- the trip was HARD. It was a very long nine hours with a sleep deprived baby. A clear, beautiful birds-eye-view of NY. (click on picture to see larger view)
I cannot even begin to tell you how this little girl melted my heart. It was a very long three and a half weeks of waiting to hold her. She is precious in every since of the word. I could not get enough of her!
Very sleepy Isabelle and Anna Kate on one of our outings. Anna Kate thought it was great to sit in the middle of her two little friends!
This visit was the first time that the older girls were both old enough to actually play together. It was so sweet!
eating "do-nis" that Isabelle's Grandma brought, and watching Elmo
l.o.v.e. those cheeks!
my favorite picture
Even though it was REALLY cold outside, we had to let the girls run around for a little while. Courtney's parents have amazing property.

This is the lake in front of Courtney's parents' house.
Most of the ice cream shops close for the winter months in CT, but Courtney found one that stays open year round! This was Anna Kate's very first ice cream cone.
such a cute little table that was a perfect size!
in ice cream dream land...
Isabelle taught Anna Kate how to the cone and all!
sleeping sweetie!
Sorry Emma! Anna Kate took your place in the double stroller for a few days... Isabelle and Anna Kate were tickled at the "new ride," and I am sure that Emma was much more peaceful alone in the other stroller.
"Goodbye" is always hard...
Can't wait to see you all again soon! Miss you tons already!


Lisa said...

Yay! I've been waiting for these!! I love the ice cream pics, and the ones of the girls at Court's parents' house are great!! You got some sweet ones of little Emma too - goodness, she already seems so much older than the newborn pics you posted. I'm glad you had a fun trip!!

-brittany- said...

So sweet! I love friendships like that. What a fun time. I know it was so hard to leave, but I am so glad you were able to go and have such a good time. Emma is adorable. I still can't get over all of that hair. The girls playing together are so sweet. Hope they are friends forever and ever.

Rene' said...

You take the most AMAZING pictures! Let me know if you ever come back thru Memphis!