Wednesday, November 12, 2008

holiday traditons

I need help! If any of you have special holiday traditions, I would love to hear about them! I really want to start implementing some traditions with Anna Kate this holiday season. Even though she won't really know or understand what I am doing this year, I would love to start early in her life. It's fun to hear good ideas! Thanks!

On a side note... I will be back with some fun pictures from our Connecticut trip soon!


Lisa said...

Ooh good idea!

We have a lot of little traditions - like we always put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving and take it down New Year's Day, things like that.

We had a neat advent calendar when I was a growing up. Target has some really cute advent houses with little door and compartments for a treat for each day until Christmas - they have a really pretty white one. I thought that would be a fun thing to start.

I know a girl with elementary age kids and every year they have a "surprise" night to go drive around and look at Christmas lights. They put the kids to bed like normal, and then go make a bunch of hot chocolate in to-go cups and then wake the kids up as a surprise and pile in the car to go look at lights. I thought that was cute - the kids know it's coming each year, but they don't know exactly which night it will be!

Okay, long comment. I'll try to think of some more...

Lisa said...

- One we did last year, and want to continue - new pajamas for Christmas eve.
- Do a search for all the traditions on St. Nick Day (Dec. 5). It's a neat holiday honoring the 'real' St. Nick - It's when kids put out their shoes for Santa to fill with goodies. I think we'll do that one this year for sure.
- Buy a new ornament each year that represents something your child liked/did that year.
- Fill a shoebox for a needy child through Samaritan's purse each year.
- Watch a special Christmas movie on a certain day each year.
- Go Christmas caroling with friends

These are just some I've gathered from different places - I'll try to stop now! I just love holiday traditions!

Rene' said...

We always bake & decorate sugar cookies on Christmas Eve...we do the whole rolling out & cookie cutter thing. The kids love it and the cookies are soo good!.

We do Christmas pajamas on Christmas eve too. We say "Santa's Elves" brought them. We are usually gone to relatives that night, and once everyone is buckled in the car, I put a christmas bag with the pj's on each child's bed. The older ones are in awe...they are so used to me being the last one in the car that they don't even think it is me! They love this tradition! They start talking on the way home abotu what kind of pajamas they'll get. It just adds to the excitement!