Monday, May 12, 2008

my first mother's day

My daughter means the world to me. I am so humbled that God has given me the special gift of motherhood. Even on the tough days, the blessings far outweigh the burdens.

I had a fabulous day on Sunday. The day began with a sweet card and gift from Chris and Anna Kate. They surprised me with a gorgeous necklace. It is extra special since it contains Anna Kate's birth stone! It will be something I will treasure and remember for years to come. We rushed around to get to early service at church. We met my family there, and then we all went to Blue Water for brunch and desert at my parent's house. I really enjoyed spending time with my mom on this special day. I have always been so blessed to have a mother who cared enough to raise me in a Godly home. She taught me so much about how to be a mother. She is a wonderful example. We were thrilled to have three generations this Mother's Day. Anna Kate hanging out at Granna's house.
After Anna Kate and I took an afternoon nap, we met Chris' family at Fresh 2 Order for dinner and hung out at the elder Bradberry house for a while. Here is another three generation picture! We love having both sides of our family in town!
Playing at Ya Ya's house.


Jessica said...

You always have such good pictures! Anna Kate is such a doll! And yay for her! Crawling! As to your question about tips for baby proofing? I'm probably not the best person to ask! I don't use any of the "baby proofing" items. I just learn as I go - basically anything you want to keep put up high. But then, I guess that doesn't work so well, b/c yesterday Reed grabbed one of the curtain panels and pulled it so hard that it knocked a container of potpourris off a nearby table!

The Hollands said...

So sweet!! I am glad that you had a good day!! There is nothing like your first Mother's Day celebration!!You both looked beautiful!!

Brittany said...

Love your necklace. What a sweet Mother's Day you had! How fun!