Monday, May 12, 2008

ellie may

My heart turns to absolute mush when I see a stray animal. I just can't help it. My dad loving nicknamed me Ellie May Clampett because it seemed that I was always bringing home a "critter" that I had rescued as a child. Well... another critter has stolen my heart. She came to us on a cold, rainy night in February. She sat on our steps crying for hours and hours before I convinced Chris to let me feed her. This cute little cat decided to adopt us. We were both fine with having an outside cat and grew very fond of her quickly. We named her Zoe.
A few days later I noticed that this sweet cat was awfully fat. Yep... she was VERY pregnant. Three weeks later she showed up much thinner. We had no idea what had happened to the kittens. At first I thought that they must has died, then I noticed when petting her underside that she was visibly nursing. The hunt was on. I tried and tried to find where Zoe was keeping the kittens. After about seven weeks I gave up. Last Sunday when we got home from church I let Bella out back and five seconds later I hear her yelp. Sure enough our sweet momma cat had swatted her in protection of her kitten! Of course I went right after it. I could not wait to get my hands of that little adorable ball of fur. In fear, the kitten had run under the deck to hide... I crawled under to scoop it up. This is when the sweet adorable ball of fur turned into GODZILLA! I did not stop to think for a second that even though their mother is as friendly as can be these kittens were feral. It only took until the next day to notice that there were four different kittens. They decided to live in our back yard!
We obviously can't have this because of Bella. So I called around to no-kill shelters, only to find that they were all full. I even talked to a lady about the best ways to tame and eventually catch the kittens (in hopes to find them homes after that). Of course the day after I decided to do this, they left our yard. We've only seen Zoe and one of her kittens once in the past five days. As cute as they are and as much as I want the best for them, I really did not have the time to tame them! Hopefully they will adopt good homes. :) I really wish Zoe would come back though... I miss her! My adventures with animals...

This is Chester, another one of my rescues. :o) My parents did not mind me bringing him home too much. They ended up keeping him. He is one spoiled dog!


Becca and Brent said...

Happy Mother's Day and I love the stories about your adopted critters - too cute!

and in response to your post on our blog - we would LOVE for you guys to come visit!!! Maybe the boys could hang out while the girls go shopping - that would be a blast!! We'll have to plan that for an upcoming weekend.

take care

Brittany said...

Love the kittens they are so cute. I hope Zoe will come back soon. Did not realize Chester was a rescue. How neat!