Tuesday, May 6, 2008

eight months

Anna Kate turned eight months old on Monday. I know I say it every month, but WOW! I can't believe in a mere four months we will be having a first birthday party! She weighs a little over 16 pounds now, and loves to eat! Her favorite foods are bananas, carrots, and yogurt. She has changed quite a bit this month. Here's what's been going on...
Almost there! I think she will have crawling down to an art in a week... I better get ready to chase after her!
I don't think we have all that much time before she is off on her feet too! She loves to walk! She gets so proud of herself when she is standing up.
Her new favorite game is to get off of the couch by herself and stand beside it. She thinks it is hilarious!
We upgraded to a "big girl" car seat this weekend. Even though she has a few months before she can be front facing, she looks much more comfy!Three teeth! Over the past two weeks she has gotten her two front bottom teeth and one on the top. I am sure the other top tooth will break through any day. This was as close as I could come to a picture of them... oh well.She finally got the hang of using her sippy cup, and LOVES it.
As you can tell by her face, she loves graham crackers! I finally got up the nerve to give them to her (thanks Reed for inspiring me!) and boy am I glad I did! It is a fabulous way to occupy her when she gets restless!
Happy eight months sweet baby!


The Hollands said...

WAY TO GO, baby girl!!! It all happens at once, doesn't it?? :)

Brittany said...

So sweet! I can't believe it has already been 8 months! Anna Kate we are so proud of you.

Ivey Handcrafted said...

she is such a beautiful girl - that I can tell brings so much happiness to your life! xoxo