Wednesday, January 27, 2010

just having fun!

In the past few weeks, Anna Kate has had some really fun experiences! Here is a little peek into what she's been up to. By the way I am typing this mostly with one hand, because my sweet girl is insisting on sitting in my lap. The wording may be short and sweet. :)
On a FREEZING day in January, the Hamptons invited us to join them at the bowling alley. This would be both Reed and Anna Kate's first time bowling. They had a blast!

Thank goodness for the ramps they have for young kids. They are perfect!Daddy teaching AK to bowl... she of course had to have a pink ball!
Check out her styling, tiny bowling shoes! I could not believe they had them this small...

Close game!
Although Reed is ALL boy and Anna Kate is so girly, these two are buddies for sure!
Exciting news! After months of begging and pleading, Anna Kate now has her very own big girl bed! No more crib for this baby of mine. This is the first night she slept on it. The right rails to fit into her headboard and footboard did not come with it, so I will have to take more pics once we really get it set up!
Quick funny story... About two weeks before we got the bed for her, she was playing in my room and climbed up on my and Chris' bed. She very dramatically plopped down -head on the pillow- and sighed loudly. I asked her what was wrong, and she said, "Oh... Anna Kate just NEEDS a big girl bed SO BAD, Mommy!" Like she had been waiting her entire life.
We took Anna Kate to Sesame Street live for the second year in a row! She has changed quite a bit since last year! Anna Kate and Reed both talked about going to see Elmo and Abby for weeks! They were so thrilled when the moment finally came! They both thoroughly enjoyed the show!

After a long weeks of really cold weather, we enjoyed a nice break of weather in the 50's for a few days. On MLK day Granna and Uncle Brian joined us at the park for a picnic and playing. Anna Kate had a blast playing outside! It had been awhile!

More to come soon!


Lisa Ridgely said...

Love her little bowling shoes! That looks so fun - I didn't know they had little ramps for kids like that! That's what I need...I'm such a horrible bowler! Her excitement over the big girl bed is so cute. Madilyn was the same way - it's funny how it is such a big deal to them!