Thursday, January 28, 2010

I know, I know. Two posts in one day is shocking, right?

Anna Kate got her very first haircut today! Her hair was basically, well completely out of control! I am so very thankful to my dear friend Kimberly for cutting it for us! What a friend!
I did not get any great pictures of the process, because AK insisted that she sit in my lap while getting her hair cut. And yes... I bribed her to sit still with candy. :)
It was also so wonderful to get some "catch-up" time with her, and let Anna Kate play with her friends Gracie, Ty, and Cole. AK really took to Gracie, and followed her around the whole time! She really looks up to her. After all, Gracie is such a big girl... she will be all of four years old soon.
It cracks me up how Kimberly's kids are always perfect posers for pictures. Mine on the other hand looks everywhere but the camera in most cases.
Thanks for a great afternoon Holland clan!