Sunday, May 3, 2009

Last week, we were blessed by a visit from our sweet friends the Davis family! After a long 16 hour plus drive with two little ones, they arrived in Chattanooga on Thursday night. It was so good to finally hug their necks and see them face to face!

This was little Emma's first trip to her big sister's birthplace, and she met lots of her family's old friends for the first time. It is absolutely stunning and somewhat heart breaking how much she has changed since I saw her in November. I was so glad to get some good snuggle and playtime in with this little cutie.Isabelle and Anna Kate were so cute together this time. Although they both have very similar "strong willed" personalities, they got along great. Anna Kate was in awe of her (nine month older) friend "Bell" and looked up to her. She followed her around with a grin on her face and wanted to do everything she did.
Isabelle was also a huge fan of "Eddie Tate." She wanted to ride in the car with her, be in the same room with her, and play with her all the time. Seeing little friendships blossom is precious!

Here are some pictures of the older two in action.
We had a fun playdate at Coolidge park with Isabelle, Emma, Reed, Molly, Jackson C., and Jackson I. (missed you Ada)! We were so excited to see the fountains on for the first time this year!

Caught them holding hands in the backseat!
Playing in the backyard. Anna Kate was still a little leery of her pool...
but she adores her water table!

Good morning friend!Playing blocks before going to church on Sunday.
An uncooperative group shot. :)
sweet, sweet Emma
Fun on the slide at Chick-Fil-A. Anna Kate had a blast climbing up the slide after Isabelle and the coming down with her! Little did we know that she would be running a 104 degree fever that night!
We were looking so forward to a group photo shoot with Brittany (aka Moncrief Photography) on Monday, but because of Ada being sick, Anna Kate being sick, and trying to work around so many schedules it did not work out! We can't wait to schedule it for next time they are in town! Although we did not get the pictures we were hoping for, Courtney and I did manage to snag one together.
Miss you so much already friend! Can't wait to plan more for our trip up north this summer!


The Davis family said...

Love the pictures - what a sweet post!! We had a great time too and Isabelle still talks all the time about going "back to Amy's house" lol..

Becca said...

Both of their little girls are adorable!!! I love all that hair!

So sorry to hear AK has been under the weather - ear infections are no fun.