Saturday, January 17, 2009

Until last Saturday, it had been WAY too long since there had been a fun gathering with friends at the Bradberry household. We were thrilled that three set of our friends could join us for a night of football, letting our kiddos play, snacks, a little Mario Cart, and Guitar Hero World Tour! We had such a great time, we've decided to make it a monthly tradition!

some shots of the action

The older kids all got a chance to show there vocal skills (aka eat and slobber on the mic)

We were all floored by how wonderful our kiddos were! They stayed so happy, that we rocked on until midnight! All but baby Jackson -who slept so sweetly on his mommy and daddy- stayed up and danced and played well into the night! My floor was about an inch deep in goldfish crackers, there were sippy cups everywhere, and toys were scattered all around, but I did not care. Everyone was having fun!

More pictures of the kids... Just because they are all so cute!
There was one pre-party disaster... the finger incident. While slicing sweet potatoes for a dish for the kids, Brittany accidently removed one of her fingerprints. Yes people, we are talking a chunk of her finger laying on the cutting board. Dispite her tragedy, Brittany persevered. She sang, played, guitar, and even the drums with the best of us. She is quite the trooper, but said it took her mind off the pain.
We took turns playing and watching the kids, four at a time. Ada and Anna Kate were a little sneaky while their mommies were pre-occupied.
For Ada, it was cow's milk.
She swiped Anna Kate's sippy cup and took her first sips (well more like gulps) of good ol' moo milk. It was love at first gulp. Just wait Ada, only a few more weeks until you can taste that creamy liquid through your straw every day!
Anna Kate snuck in a first as well. CHOCOLATE!
She swiped someone's cup of chocolate pudding/brownie mixture and went to town. She had us all doubled over with laughter on how serious she was about not giving her treasure up. Of course though... she only got a couple of bites in while we took the picture, then had to surrender it. I cannot in good conscience let my one year old gobble down chocolate.

AK rockin' the drum set.
Helping Mommy clean all the remnants of the goldfish crumbs.Thank you Moncriefs, Commanders, and Hamptons!


Jessica said...

Love that chocolate photo! She sure did get a mouthful!

Can't wait until the next time!

Ashley said...

It defiantly was a blast! I think the kids had just as much fun as the adults! I know Jackson partied till he crashed. :) Can't wait till the next "party"!!!

-brittany- said...

fun times! I love that the girls shared a first that same night. A.K. loves chocolate and Ada loves milk. yum! I am still floored that the kiddos stayed up til MIDNIGHT (minus Jackson :) and were sweethearts too! Ah-mazing!

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