Monday, January 19, 2009

I let my baby play in the street this weekend-twice. Trust me... it is not as bad as it sounds!

After dinner at Ya Ya and Granddad's house on Saturday night, Addie looked out the glass door and very excitedly yelled "snow!". We looked out to see that the roads were no longer black, but completely covered in white! After scurrying to find shoes and socks, yanking on coats, and putting on hats, Addie and AK tromped outside (with mommies and daddies, of course.) The streets were completely covered in a layer of sleet. While it does not sound very exciting to most, it was amazing through our little girls' eyes. This is the most "white stuff" we've seen all winter.

Anna Kate checking it out.It's so cold!
Addie showing us how it sticks to her mittens, AK mimicking her cousin. :o)
She was super proud of her snow angel. she had to make another one!
I love these bundled up cuties.
warming up and watching Aladdin
Don't forget Liam! We love him bunches and bunches, too!