Thursday, July 3, 2008

ten months!

I am a couple days early on the ten month post, but I wanted to get it up before we go on vacation. This has been a really fun month with Miss Anna Kate. She is not walking yet, but still shows a lot of interest! We introduced her to her first meat a few weeks ago. She absolutely loves shredded chicken. Other "new" favorite foods this month have been lima beans, cantaloupe, watermelon, zucchini, and corn. She really loves anything that she can feed herself independently. Still not saying Ma Ma. I just don't get it... My granddaddy say that when mothers are with their babies all day that they do not have to call for them. I will just have to think of it that way. She has, however, added another word to her vocabulary this month... Chester, or "Caj-Tah." Yes, that's right... I am still having issues with her saying our dog, and my parent's dog's name before Ma Ma. The cutest thing she has leared this month is clapping and waving. I've been tring to capture these two things on video, but have not been successful. Hopefully I will have some to post soon! She knows when she does it that it is something new and fun! Here are a few fun pictures from this past month.

One morning my mom called and asked me how Anna Kate was. My response to her was, "She is EVERYWHERE!" She is a very mobile and curious little girl (to say the least). I love this picture that my mom took last week. She captured an expression I see several times a day on this cute little girl. The caption does say it all on this one.
This month Anna Kate has started going to Granna's house once a week to play. I've been taking her after her morning nap and she has been staying until dinner time! It's been a wonderful break for me, and has allowed me to clean my house in peace! Anna Kate loves going to Granna's and has not cried at all!
This little girl likes to play in the water! Although we've not been out to play in her kiddie pool a lot, she enjoys splashing around when when I do suck it up and brave the heat!
Kicked back, studing her color book, and chewing on her brush... what could be better?
My daughter has a new obsession... pacies. She has never been much of a paice girl, but liked them a little bit until about five months of age. Well they are back, but not like you would think. No, no... she does not suck on them, but she does think that they are the best toy ever! Pacies keep her entertained for a long time! I just put two or three in the floor with her (or the bathtub in this case) and she is good to go! She will actually dig through her toybox, pass up all her real toys, until she finds her pacies. Go figure...
I could not capture a good shot of her claping, but thought this was just too cute. I caught her claping along to her music. Awwww...
Obsession #2: Baby dolls. She adores them. "Bae-Buhs." Granna taught her how to "kiss the babies." The result is a very slobbery open mouth kiss.
You are growing and changing everyday little one! We love you more than words could ever possibly express!


Brittany said...

Happy 10 months Anna Kate! You are exactly twice as old as Ada for the first and only time in your life. You are precious. I love the first picture. It looks like you used an eyelash curler.

Brittany said...

Oh and Happy 4th! Have a good trip!

Jessica said...

How sweet! I love reading about Anna Kate. Hints of what's to come with Reed! I love the one of her clapping with her music. So cute!

Oh, and Reed has started saying Da-da or Dad-dee. But not mama yet. He sometimes says 'ya-ya', and I'm pretending that's him saying mama. Oh well. I like your grandfather's reasoning. I'll stick with that =)