Saturday, July 12, 2008

Our niece, little Addie, was born four years ago on the Fourth of July. She is so cute... Every time she hears a firecracker, she reminds us that everyone lights fireworks to help her celebrate her birthday. We love knowing that all our "Fourths" will be spent at a party for this little cutie.

Here is Addie, with her cousin Evan, blowing out her candles.Anna Kate loved all the toys at Addie's Granna's house!
Who could resist that smile?
So happy to have Liam join us for his sister's birthday this year! At only ten days old there was talk about him looking like Russel Crow or Ty Pennington. His hair is the cutest thing ever! Good thing his daddy works for Regis! Get that boy some product!
Here is Anna Kate in the bounce house. She did not quite get it until Daddy helped her bounce around... then we had trouble getting her out of it!
Addie (I mean Stephanie) in her new Lazy Town costume.This little girl is so full of drama! She's always loved playing dress-up!
Flashback... Here is a picture of Addie when she was only about a week old! My goodness time flies.Happy Birthday sweet girl! Can't believe you are already 4! We love you very much!


Brittany said...

Happy Birthday Addie! What a cutie you are and I think Liam is one of the cutest little babies I have ever seen. His hair is awesome!