Wednesday, June 25, 2008

meet liam

On Tuesday June 24th we were super excited to welcome our first nephew into the world! Liam Michael was born at 8:30 a.m. and weighed 7.9 lbs. It is so fun to finally have a little boy in the family! Since I live literally around the corner from the hospital, it is almost impossible not to go see him every free chance I get! Congratulations Lee, Brooke and Addie! Thanks for giving us the cutest nephew ever!waiting patiently with Ya Ya
anxious big sister, Addie
kickin' back, chillin' out, eatin' some "O"s

so new, so tiny, so precious... so much hair!
AK loved watching her cousin through the nursery window.
The THREE cousins! We just told Anna Kate that she is not the baby of the family anymore... she is quite shocked and appalled. :)
Mom... Dad... I know my new cousin is cool and all, but it's my bedtime! Don't worry though. I'll just sleep here...
so in love already...
the proud uncle

we decided to switch babies for awhile :)
brothers and their babies


Brittany said...

Liam is so cute. I can't believe all of his hair! Our girls will get there one day.