Friday, June 6, 2008

jackson's here!

We got to meet yet another sweet new baby today! Is'nt he cute?Our very special friends Chad and Ashley welcomed their baby boy Jackson into the world today. He adds to the growing list of Anna Kate's very best friends! Anna Kate was very sad, but we has to leave her with her uncle and great-grandparents while we went to see Jackson. She is recovering from a cold, so we did not want to get her arond the new baby. We look forward to introding them soon! It is amazing to think about how many of our friends have had babies and/or are pregnant in a little over a year! This is a crazy time of life! Chad is another special friend, as we have known him for about 13 years! He has always been a great friend to us and we love Ashley so much too! Ashley was taking a much deserved shower when we went to visit, but word on the street said she did wonderful with labor and delivery! We can't wait to see our two children together in their many playdates to come!


Brittany said...

Jackson is adorable! Yet again, another male with a bunch of hair. Our girls will catch up sooner or later. I believe Chris told Jimmy Ashley pushed for 30 minutes. Ashley, you know women are hated for stuff like that, right? TOTALLY kidding! That is awesome! Glad to hear things went so smoothly.

Ashley said...

I asked Chad if you guys got to hold him before you left and he said I did not even think about it! I told him he can't hog him anymore! Can't wait for him to meet Anna Kate! And the hair......well you have seen his daddy right?!? LOL