Monday, September 6, 2010

welcoming baby Carter

On Tuesday June 29th, after two doctors appointments, we were informed that little Carter would be coming into the world 5 weeks early. I had to be induced because of pregnancy induced hypertension and low amniotic fluid. We arrived at the hospital at midnight on June 30th, and eleven and a half hours later we were holding our beautiful baby boy.

One last pregnant pic (much to my dismay) before we left for the hospital.Laboring with love... and a whole lot of pain!
I was holding my breath and praying as the NICU nurses were assessing him. I was so very happy to hear that my baby boy born 5 weeks early was perfectly healthy!
6lbs 14ozs!

Because he was so early the nurses took him as soon as he was born. I finally got to hold him about 30 mins later.

Big sister!
Love this.
Daddy's boy.
Dressed and ready for visitors!
Anna Kate showing off her new baby. :)
My sweethearts.
Time to go home!
Getting dressed in his cute personalized outfit from Granna!

So anxious to take our new addition home.

In the car with big sis for the first time.
Finally home.
Bath time for Carter.

He was not the biggest fan. So happy to have both kiddos in my lap! I love it!!!
Sleeping in a very special cradle. Carter's PaPa (great-granddaddy) built it for me when I was born. So Mommy, Uncle Brian, Anna Kate, and now Carter have used it.
What a complete joy he is to our lives!
I know I am very behind on pictures... I am in the process of going through them, so more to come very soon!