Sunday, October 18, 2009


Pumpkin time is here! Last week AK and I spent a rainy day carving a pumpkin. She had fun scraping the pumpkin "guts" out with me, although she was terrified of them when I first pulled the top of the pumpkin off. :) I did not get to take many pictures, as my hand were covered in the before mentioned "guts."Saturday we went to Mayfield farms in Athens, TN. They have a great farm, corn maze, and pumpkin patch! We definitely plan to visit again with all her little friends! We knew a cold front was coming through this weekend, but did not know it was going to be quite so chilly! Good thing I made the last minute decision to bring Anna Kate's heavier jacket. It did not get out of the 40's! Crazy for Chattanooga area in October!

I thought this giant corn was so cute! It is made from Mayfield's famous yellow milk jugs!
Looking at cows with Ya Ya, Granddad, and Daddy.
little pigs! They were freezing!
she loved this little white "pun-keen"
feeding the donkey... I was amazed at the sunflowers in the background!

it was strange to see them all so vibrant in cold weather!
silly goats!
a freezing hay ride!
picking the perfect pumpkin with daddy
she kept telling us she wanted a baby pumpkin
she found one and was so excited!


Lisa Ridgely said...

This looks like so much fun! I love the pumpkin ones - she is so cute carrying that baby pumpkin! Saw the pics on Brittany's photo blog too - they are incredible!! Anna Kate is such a beautiful girl and has the most gorgeous eye color! I love the outfits and locations you chose, too!