Wednesday, July 29, 2009

a few for fun

Tonight we went to a cookout hosted by my dad's company to entertain some visitors from Russia. The food was good and company was great, but I am kicking myself. We had planned to have our friend Brittany join us and do a photo session tonight. I canceled this morning because of rain yesterday and all morning today. Of course it cleared up. Of course it was perfect weather. Of course it was not nearly as muddy as I thought it would be. Of course it was perfect lighting. Thus why I am kicking myself. I only hope we are able to use this beautiful property when we have our makeup session!

Here are just a few pictures for fun!


The Davis family said...

Cute pics - looks like a neat place!! I've taken way too many pics this past weekend and don't even know where to begin on my blog.. lol.. oh well! 2 weeks from today!! Can't wait =)

Ashley said...

great pics! :)