Tuesday, February 10, 2009

On Saturday, Anna Kate attended the party of her very good buddy, Ada. Ada's mommy and daddy did such a wonderful job planning decorating for the party. Everything was so cute from the adorable (mommy made) cake, to the very beautiful and perfectly dressed birthday girl!

How cute is this cake?
After Ada dug in. :)
My sweet girl was under the weather with a sinus infection. We were so glad that her fever broke in time for her to go to the party, even though she stayed clung to mommy or daddy the whole time.
Reed was there!
Jackson, too!
Ada, the birthday girl!
Flashback... This was the day after Ada was born, and the first time the girls met. We've shared so many fun times since then and made so many memories!
Today is Ada's actual birthday, so happy #1 little friend! We are so thankful to have shared in your life since your mommy and daddy could not wait any longer to announce that you were coming, to your FIRST birthday! We love you little friend!


-brittany- said...

This is so sweet! I am so thankful for you three and so glad that you all were able to be there to celebrate both Ada's birth, birthday, and so many special moments in between. Thank you for all the very sweet pictures. Ada is blessed to call Anna Kate friend.