Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ok, ok. I am well aware that it has been two weeks since my last post. I am comforted in the fact that I have seen very few updated post from my friends... what can I say. My excuses are the same as anyone else's. It's the holiday season, that adds up to very little extra time. Our past two weeks have been busy and fun filled with visits from family, broadway plays, Thanksgiving celebrations, putting up Christmas decorations, and me turning 28. Here are some pictures with a few updates... Hopefully I can keep up better for the rest of 2008!

"Auntie" Pam came to visit from TX! We had a great time shopping and just hanging out with her. The Tuesday before Thanksgiving we took a "girls night" and went to see Annie. It was fabulous as always. Annie has been my favorite musical since I was a little girl. I can't wait until Anna Kat is old enough to go!
This picture is blurry, but just too cute not to post. Anna Kate is loving hanging out with Uncle Brian these days.
She had a blast watching the Macy's TG parade! After she finished her waffles, she got down and danced to all the songs and waved back to the people in the parade who were waving. She really got excited when the Sesame Street float came by!
Our first "feast" (yes we pig out not once, but TWICE on Thanksgiving) was at my parent's house. My mom always sets such a beautiful table!

This was, of course, Anna Kate's second Thanksgiving, but it was her first to partake in all the yummy food! Here is her plate. She devoured everything!
Eating turkey... Here's a quick funny story. My family is not crazy about turkey, so we opted to have only ham this year. Chris' mom was fixing a chicken casserole instead of turkey. When Chris found out that there would be no sign of turkey at either household, he got a little upset! I shrugged it off. He's a big boy. No turkey for one year won't kill him. So after we woke up Thursday morning, he started talking about how sad it was that Anna Kate was not going to eat turkey on her first Thanksgiving meal. That is all it took! Ten mins. later I was at the store looking for a "small" turkey. Keep in mind that is is about 3 hours before we are going to mom's to eat. I left the store empty handed and laughing at myself... it became VERY evident that I've never even thought about fixing a turkey of any kind. I learned that day (after picking up and examining all the FROZEN SOLID butterball turkeys in the store) that fixing a turkey is not at all a last min. thing! So off to Cracker Barrel. I got a couple laughs when I ordered one pound of turkey to go... oh well. Chris and Anna Kate and Uncle Brian had their turkey.
playing at Granna and Granddaddy's house
typical after turkey pose...
playing in Granna's decorations
pretending with Granddaddy
She loves this old baby doll of mine!
love her face in this one
Our second yummy meal at Ya Ya and Granddad's house! She loved the casserole!
It is so super hard to get a good picture of these three cousins.
Granddad and Great-Grandmommy
Ya Ya and AK
Wednesday was my 28th birthday. Yes... I feel very old. I got to celebrate with my parents, brother, Chris and Anna Kate that night. We had a fun time eating at Provino's a tradition that is at least 12 years in the running. Then came back to our house for cookie cake and ice cream. Yesterday, Chris' family had dinner and desert for me. Thanks everyone for helping make my birthday special!
My beautiful daughter is the best present ever!
my loves...
giving the card to mommy...


Jessica said...

So is the cake one of your loves? =) It would be mine!

-brittany- said...

Great catch up post. I am so very very behind. This post made me want to get one done myself:)

I also have always been a good fan of Annie. I use to put on my tap shoes and dance right along with our little red headed friend at the end of the movie. How fun that you girls went to see it. I am with you turkey, yuck. I only like it in deli meat form.

Becca said...

Happy 28th Birthday!! Remember, we're not old yet :)
Great post, btw - I love Thanksgiving and it's so sad to think people (incl Mrs Moncrief) don't like Turkey!! how sad...I'll be praying for you two. :) ha ha

The Hollands said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Sister!! I think about it every year but this year I have to admit that I forgot!! Forgive me!! I am glad that you had good Thanksgiving!! Sorry that we have missed the past several weeks...we now have colds here...ugh!! We will get with you soon!!!